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Puck. 20. French. Animation student. ♂. Queer.

Art, writing, animation, photography...


Links : Deviantart - Twitter - AO3 - Inspiration blog

Tags : Fanarts - Teen Wolf - Merlin - Les misérables - Welcome to Night Vale - Ocs - Comics - Nsfw - Texts - Queer stuff - Fic recs


rules same as ever :

- payment by paypal only.

- contact here on tumblr or by email at puckboum[@]gmail[.]com.

- You chose the medium, you take inspiration from whatever you want and if you want something that doesn’t work in all the categories listed above, you tell me and we’ll discuss if it can be done and the price.

- Everything above is fanarts but I’ll draw anything except pregnancy, bestiality, and anything racist, homophobic, ableist, etc. 

Thanks for reading ♥

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