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doodle doodle ♫


Hello friends! I am updating my commissions post because I am in need of ~money~ and also because I changed from € to £. I just moved to Brighton for my studies, and with the uni and my room, it is costing my parents a lot of money. (Not counting groceries, phone bill, transports, etc etc.) I am looking for a job, but with my skills and my schedule, I am having a hard time finding one. Art commissions are the easiest (and nicest) way for me to get some money for myself. I mostly need money for cello lessons, tattoos and healthy food. (As silly as it can seem, both playing the cello and getting tattooed are helping A LOT if my mental health.) So. Yeah. If you are interested, here are the rules :


  • Payment by paypal
  • Original tradtional drawing can be send by the post. (shipping cost will be added to the price.)
  • For any drawing, and HD digital file will be sent by email.
  • I draw anything (that includes porn, guro, and all kind of unusual fetishes), but here’s a list of my main fandoms if you want a more precise idea of what I usually draw. 
  • What I won’t draw under any circumstance : Child pornography (especially of a real child. Especially if you tell me that the child is your kid. Yes, I have received some creepy emails.), porn of real people in general (if they are not celebrities and in a very clearly fictional context.), furries. 
  • The way I work : you can contact me on tumblr or by email at puckboum[@]gmail[.]com, you tell me what you want, I tell you if I can do it and if yes, a price and an estimated time for when it will be done. Depending on you and on the complexity of the drawing, I can keep you updated every step of the drawing. You can request changes but if it is too long or complicated, I might say no or there might be an additional cost. The payment must be done before I start working on your commission. For commissions over £50, the payment can be done in several times, but the first has to be before I start working on it. When it’s done I will send you a HD file, and if you agree, I will post a low def file on my tumblr. 
  • The prices start at what is indicated above. Depending on the complexity of the drawing, it might change. 
  • For any really expensive commission, I might ask you to sign a contract to ensure rules in case you are not happy with the end result.
  • Any drawing bought from me must not be used commercially. Ever.
  • If you wish to commission me for commercial work, contact me by email and we will discuss it privately. 
  • use to convert the prices to your currency. 

I’d really appreciate it if you could signal boost the shit out of this post as, as I said, it is my only source of income right now. Thank you for reading and sharing, and if you have any question and/or want to commission me, my email inbox and my tumblr ask box are always open! (Although, with tumblr, you never know if your ask will arrive or not…)


♥♥♥ (ღ˘◡˘ღ) ♥♥♥

~commissions are still open~~ (give me ur money i will draw u things ♥)

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Welcome to the "just finished pjo" club. Population: endless tears and loud wailing

you can all join me in my sad blanket fort 


what do u mean its not halloween yet its oCTOBER

what do u mean its not halloween yet its oCTOBER

several REALLY old original characters with a bonus enjolras in the middle a bunch of stiles doodles done in class two really REALLY old ocs theyre twins and both really fucked up also their names were really shitty ahah so i changed them america my queen

i couldnt sleep last night so I sketched some random stuff in my bed, and i finally took the time to scan my sketch book

i am reading this as polyamory and u cant stop me ♥♥♥
(pls click on the picture for full size)

i am reading this as polyamory and u cant stop me ♥♥♥

(pls click on the picture for full size)

a quick alby & newt sketch
this was worse in the movie /endless sobs/

a quick alby & newt sketch

this was worse in the movie /endless sobs/

I went to see the Maze runner last night as it’s finally out in the UK

Spoilers under the cut

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