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Puck. 20. French. Animation student. ♂. Queer.

Art, writing, animation, photography...


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hello! i was wondering if youre okay with people using your art for icons if they give you credit. i understand if you dont want that, though :) your art is beautiful btw


Hi anon! Thank you! And as long as I’m credited I don’t have any problem with people using my art for icons, themes, fanmixes and that kind of things. c: 

So that it’s said, I’ll say it here : The only things I clearly don’t authorize is edits of my original art (If you wish to edit my fanarts, please ask me first.), reposting of my art (Just, please, REBLOG.), any commercial use of my art, and generally not crediting me.

(and in case it’s confusing, I don’t consider resizing and cropping my art to make an icon as an edit. You don’t need to ask permission for that kind of things.)

Thanks a lot for asking anon, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my statement on this. (✿◠‿◠)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIEN sorry im a day late and its just this crappy sketch anyway im so happy you can finally get tattooed and i cant wait to see you this week end its gonna be so cOOL 

Hey les Frenchies, ya des etudiants en ciné qui me suivent et qui seraient interessé pour etre ingé son ou chef op cadreur sur le court métrage que je tourne ce week end? J’ai atteind un stade de desespoir elevé donc je lance un appel a l’aide partout. Ou meme si vous voulez juste etre sur un tournage et donner un coup de main… 

That also works for english speaking people living in France, I’m shooting a short film this week end and I’m desperate for a cinematographer and a sound mixer, or even if you just want to be there and help… 

I know it’s for very, very soon, but I’ve been looking for almost three weeks now and everything just turns out not the way I wish it would. While I have people who can help me, it’s not their job or what they studied, and I’d prefer to have someone who know what they’re talking about, so film student or whatever… 

BREF. Voila. Entendez mon appel a l’aide! Merci. (;へ:)

(this short film is why I’m not posting much btw despite really wanting to draw, because I have good timing like that. I shall be back soon. Hopefully.)

Decided to go to two lolita events in Paris in July, the French café’s Garden Party and Following Alice (Going just the afternoon), because why not? I have some pretty clothes and I need occasions to wear them. The only thing is since I’m not in the lolita community anymore, I don’t know anyone ahah. I mean, I follow a few french lolita on tumblr and have talked to some nice people once in a while but… Well, I have til july to make friends ahah unless I want to end up alone and awkward! So, if you’re going to either of those events…. Talk to me. Please. I’m excited but I’m scared. ;; 

Another $15 commission for salamandertoast!

(there is one spot left for those type of commission!)

I went to the country to look for locations for a short film I’m shooting next week. It was a beautiful day and we found some really nice places. Hopefully the short film will be great! If I disappear from the internet, it’s because I’m working on it! 

~*Hello friends, here’s a reminder that im selling some damn cute lolita clothes here or here and a signal boost would be appreciated, thank u ♥*~

Doodle that just after seeing Les mis in London a few weeks back (it was beautiful and i cried a lot)